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American antiques: Beauty untold

American AntiquesExpressions of Innocence and Eloquence derived from the passion and curiosity of the many scholars who have contributed to the book. Focusing on American antiques and the rich culture that accompanies each piece, the book strives to educate and inspire those interested in the history and crafting skills that embraces each antique folk art piece. JaneKatchercollection.com seeks to expand upon the contents of Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence and further educate enthusiasts about recent updates and additional pieces of art. The Jane Katcher Collection includes unique furniture, portraits, carvings, spatter ware antique pottery, and much more. Learn the fascinating facts that accompany each handcrafted item displayed and analyzed within Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence and JaneKatchercollection.com

Americana collection: History unfolds

Antique American Folk ArtFocusing on the artifacts that provide insight into the beginning of this rich culture, JaneKatchercollection.com provides a thorough and accurate account of the Americana collection. Browse through recently acquired antique objects, paintings, and family records, along with detailed accounts of how the works were created, why they evolved, and where they specifically came from. Each contributor to both Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence and JaneKatchercollection.com shows enthusiasm for folk art and vast knowledge of the subject matter. American antiques guide the passion and enthusiastic nature of each essay of the book, hoping to inspire and educate readers interested in learning about quality, authentic antique objects.

Jane Katcher: Scholar extraordinaire

The inspiration for Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence began within a little girl who so admired the beauty of New York museum artifacts. Jane Katcher continued to admire and acquire works throughout her life, but this love led her to a quest for information about the history behind each piece, leading to the enthralling text and creation of JaneKatchercollection.com. Share in the passion and love of the collectors and scholars who have contributed to the book and the web site by browsing through an Americana collection like no other. Find artifacts, hand carvings, pottery and fascinating stories of the hard work, rich culture, and daily habits of people living in the mid eighteenth through the mid nineteenth centuries.