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Scott Swank: antique Pennsylvania German folk art expert

Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence not only provides an analysis of the Shaker society, but also photos of antiques from many American cultures. View delicately crafted works, complete with observational comments by antiqued scholars, such as Scott Swank. Antique Pennsylvania German folk art is Swank's specialty. His knowledge and passion for this culture is clear within his contributing chapter in Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence where he explores the many arts of becoming American. Focusing on this rich culture, Swank's observations depict the care and ingenuity used to craft several works, including the bucket bench-cupboard. From the paint decoration to the configuration of each piece, the origins are explored, as well as the cultural icons who created the antiques.

Custom works from this era include several unique decorative forms:

  • freehand grain decoration
  • pen strokes of artistic figures
  • flashy, exuberant paint
  • calligraphic drawings
  • life patterns

The gift of each artist's abilities is apparent in each pen stroke, decorative craftsmanship, and balanced cuts of wood. View recent acquisitions throughout JaneKatchercollection.com or learn from experts in antiquing within the pages of Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence. Each contributor offers elegant, yet timeless analyses of antiqued items. Browse through antiques analyzed by Jane Katcher, Jean Burns, and Scott Swank. Antique Pennsylvania German folk art comes to life across the pages of the web site and this unique book, sold to enthusiasts of antiques of every era. Browse through recent acquisitions and histories untold. From genealogy to handcrafted furniture, JaneKatchercollection.com has something for those who have a passion for the origin of rare works.