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David Schorsch: American antiques come to life

Antique Shaker ArtifactsCollectors across the world can learn about the origin and uses of each object displayed in Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence, edited by Jane Katcher, Ruth Wolfe, and David Schorsch. American antiques come to life through the images of Gavin Ashworth and cataloging expertise of Eileen Smiles and Schorsch's knowledge. Hailing from a family of collectors, Schorsch's experience as a recognized dealer and specialist of folk art began as a collector at the age of six. By the time he was 14, he was the youngest dealer to exhibit at a prestigious Connecticut show. Curators have relied on his advice and assistance in compiling notable collections, as well as Schorsch's scholarship. He has published several articles and worked as a contributing cataloguer in addition to his work in Jane Katcher's private American antique collection. Antiquing is not just a hobby for this notable contributor, it is a lifestyle rich with culture and historical education.

Jane Katcher: private American antique collection

JaneKatchercollection.com serves as a forum of research for works included in Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence, as well as recently acquired objects of significance. View the private American antique collection to see artifacts that elaborate on the daily customs, aesthetics of each piece, and historical, economic, and social background. Each contributor brings a fresh perspective to ancient items. Learn from Robert Shaw's knowledge of a child's world and at home creations or Richard Miller's detailed records of life and portraits by Sheldon Peck. Browse through vivid images of each creation, catalogued by Eileen Smiles and David Schorsch. American antiques bequeath rich culture to avid devotees who appreciate the craftsmanship and customs associated with each piece. Browse through JaneKatchercollection.com to view the growing collections of Americana.