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Jean Burks: Antique Shaker Artifacts

Antique Shaker Artifacts

A historical artifact, like no other, can be mesmerizing to the naked eye. Within Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence, complete explorations of historical items are featured by many scholars and enthusiasts of antiques, such as Jean Burks. Antique shaker artifacts explored by Burks' keen sense of history are also on display throughout JaneKatcherCollection.com. Historians and museum enthusiasts alike are drawn to many of the Shaker's creations, not only because of the simplicity embraced in each and every piece, but also because of the tranquility and order the pieces represent. In these times, people were not consumed with possessions, making each item designed by this culture, from antique shaker boxes to furniture of the Shaker's society, even more valuable and inspiring. Learn of the daily uses, customs and rituals associated with each piece with detailed pictures and analyses, both in the book and throughout JaneKatcherCollection.com.

Contributing views: antique shaker boxes

Several scholars, well-versed in Quaker tradition, have contributed significant research and analyses of historical works of art to Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence. View pictures of antique shaker boxes and American folk art, to name a few, throughout the book and JaneKatcherCollection.com. Thriving on both passion and love for antiques, each contributor adds a special touch to each page. Among these contributors is Jean Burks. Antique shaker artifacts are Burks' area of interest, as she has hosted several events honoring and cherishing the works of the Shaker's society. She has also co-authored several books surrounding the culture while maintaining the role of curator of decorative arts at Shelburne Museum in Vermont. See first hand the knowledge each contributor shares with adorers of antiques while browsing JaneKatcherCollection.com.