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Scholar Paul D'Ambrosio: antique folk art portraits explained

Antique American Folk PaintingsEnjoy two essays within Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence that display the works of a renowned deaf artist, written by the vice president and chief curator of the New York State Historical Association, Paul D'Ambrosio. Antique folk art portraits analyzed by this scholar highlight the careers and bold works of historical figures, showing beautiful images of American life. D'Ambrosio's extensive knowledge base stems from his work as curator for several exhibitions through the United States and Europe, where he has also published articles and delivered lectures on notable painters and creators of unique works. His most recent project exhibits John Brewster Jr. portraits. Framing the work and world of this extraordinary deaf artist, D'Ambrosio's essay and exhibition detail the fascinating imagery of the formation of the historic American nation.

John Brewster Jr.: portraits by deaf artist inspire

Antique American Folk Art, American AntiquesNoted for portraying the beauty and innocence of children with decorative patterning, paintings by this deaf artist display a distinctive style. John Brewster Jr. portraits draw from his experience in European academic arts, yet with directness and intensity that cannot be duplicated. Labeled as a master in American painting, the artist was one of the first students to study at the American School for the Deaf as it opened in 1817. JaneKatchercollection.com and Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence feature two of his masterpieces in an essay written by Paul D'Ambrosio. Antique folk art portraits come to life within the catalogued paintings for enthusiasts of Americana, historical antiques to enjoy. D'Ambrosio's observations and most recent exhibition surrounding this renowned artist's life, have captivated and enthralled audiences across the world.