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Eileen Smiles: American antiques enthusiast

Antique American Folk Art

The Jane Katcher Collection of Americana features a broad range of objects of historic significance from the mid eighteenth to the mid nineteenth centuries. Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence highlights this historical era with observations from contributing curators and vivid images, compiled by collectors David Schorsch and Eileen Smiles. American antiques from this period are embodied with brilliant craftsmanship and bright colors, ranging from portraits and carvings to boxes and baskets. As a Connecticut business owner, specializing in folk art, Smiles' expertise is displayed within the arrangement and compilation of the catalog accompanying the book. She has written several articles and books on art subjects and creations for both adults and children.

Each contributor adds expertise and observations to the compiled collection, including an analysis of child pieces by Erin Eisenbarth. Antique decorative arts made for children's use is what this contributor focuses on within a chapter of Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence. View images of the creations to accompany the text and to further understand the culture in which they were designed.

Erin Eisenbarth: antique decorative arts specialist

A sense of Americana is within the written works of each contributor, including Patricia Kane, Scott Swank, Richard Miller, Jean Burks, and Erin Eisenbarth. Antique decorative arts and the heritage of each culture represented is especially imbedded into the woodworking, quilting, painting, and crafting of each piece. Learn about the origin of each piece both within Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence, as well as recently acquired items and up to date research at JaneKatchercollection.com. Thanks to the expertise of cataloguers David Schorsch and Eileen Smiles, American antiques gracefully adorn the pages of this historical heirloom.