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Robert Shaw: antique folk art expert

Words of wisdom and analyses by distinguished curators from across the world are accompanied by vibrant photos of rare antiques in Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence. Contributor Robert Shaw, antique folk art scholar, supplements the introduction of the book with an essay entitled, "Humanizing the Mundane." The chapter focuses on the daily uses of various objects, but also on the beauty of the antiques displayed within the book. Each item, from the slaw cutter and whale ivory bodkin to an album quilt and game board, provides enthusiasts of antiques with rich historical, economic, and social interpretations. Shaw's contributions to the book include the following chapters:

  • "Humanizing the Mundane"
  • "United As This Heart You See: Memories of Friendship and Family"
  • "Academy and Social Work"
  • "Boxes and Baskets"

Shaw's publications outside of Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence include explorations on Americana baskets, quilts, traditional crafts, and the Decoy Collection of James M. McCleary, M.D. Enthusiasts of antiques are invited to learn from this former Shelburne Museum curator and gifted lecturer and writer, as well as distinguished scholars contributing to the book's analysis of antique American folk art. JaneKatchercollection.com also offers updated research and collections not found in the book.

Katcher collection: antique American folk art

Focusing on works collected in the last decade, the Jane Katcher Collection of Americana website exhibits rare and historical masterpieces that are difficult to acquire. Each piece is analyzed by resident experts, such as Eileen M. Smiles, Philip Zea, Jean Burks, and Robert Shaw. Antique folk art curators disseminate research and interpretations with apparent passion throughout Expressions in Innocence and Eloquence, and provide updates, corrections, and recent acquisitions at JaneKatchercollection.com. Admire the beauty and richness of each culture when browsing antique American folk art within the Jane Katcher collection.