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Katcher Collection: antique American folk sculputres

The Jane Katcher Collection of Americana illustrates and documents art collected in the last decade by Jane Katcher, a retired pediatric radiologist and enthusiast of antiques. Her expertise and taste for antique American folk sculputres, along with commentary and essay collections by national and international curators, led to the creation of Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence. JaneKatchercollection.com strives to maintain the quest for historical knowledge of Americana antiques with updated research, recent acquisitions, as well as additional information and corrections found after the book was published. Each contributor passionately reveals details of aesthetics of the chosen pieces, as well as historical, economic and social background, aiding in the understanding of daily uses of many of the objects. Learn from well-known curators, such as Robert Hunter, Robert Shaw, Robin Jaffee Frank and Erin Eisenbarth. Antique American decorative arts are displayed within the book's extensive catalog and throughout JaneKatchercollection.com.

Erin Eisenbarth: antique American decorative arts curator

The items included in the ever-growing Jane Katcher collection depict unique clues to the cultures of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Analyzing items made for children, Erin Eisenbarth, anique American decorative arts expert, discusses furniture and childlike items made for daily use, including chairs, tables and chests, as well as a miniature checkerboard, kaleidoscope, and a miniature liberty cap. Eisenbarth's expertise with antiques stems from her work at Winterthur Museum and Washington D.C.'s national history museum. She is currently acting assistant curator at the Yale University art gallery. Not only does Eisenbarth's interpretations explain daily uses, but also the decorating balance of antique American folk sculputres. Learn from experts in the field of antiques while browsing JaneKatchercollection.com.